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Safedoors COVID-19 Update Statement

We are all back in work at Permadoor following the completion of our return to work program and are attempting to manage an unprecedented level of demand which does not show signs of reducing which in normal trading conditions would not present a supply issue due to the flexible capacity we have in place.
In recent weeks our lead times have been extended not only due to the above but also due to a UK wide supply issue on glass which is not showing signs of improvement any time soon. This in addition to us experiencing significant delays on profile due to resin availability being 30% below normal levels, due to the supply of Resin, and this is impacting our foil profile supply with lead times of 12 weeks now in place.
We are working closely with our suppliers on a daily ,if not hourly, basis to ensure we are maximising our supply of these materials and at the same time the majority of our customers are also working closely with us to jointly agree a mutually beneficial and acceptable plan on deliveries.
This said we ask all our customers to work with us during this interim period of irregular material supply and be understanding that we are working in challenging times that have become more challenging in recent times due to the above.
Your continued support is much appreciated and greatly valued.